Crowbar Studios is based in Santa Barbara, California. We design and build award-winning websites, and we drive traffic to them with innovative internet marketing strategies.

Your online presence is your business. You've spent the time and money driving customers and visitors to your site, so we make sure your interactive presence is functional and beautiful so you can accomplish your business goals online. From front-end graphic design to website structure to application development, our team is the best in the biz.

Desktop and mobile: Follow your customers, where ever they may go.

People are obviously on the move these days. Your customers and site visitors expect your brand to carry across multiple access channels, from desktop computers to the mobile web. In a world full of clutter, you must take every chance you get to stand out in the croud, and keep the customers coming back to you, month after month.

Through fire and flames, we're still here.

We started our company in January of 2008, in a time most financial analysts were calling "the greatest financial crisis since the great depression". When others told us it couldn't be done, we went ahead and did it anyway. As we bootstrapped our way through the fire and flames, we relied on 2 constant principles for success: #1. Be competitive on pricing, and #2. Be friendly and easy to work with. These simple differences set us aside from other firms, and helped us gain contracts with some of the world's best known brands.

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Crowbar Studios is a Santa Barbara based web design company. Our services include web design, web development, internet marketing, and SEO solutions. Our unique development and support team brings years of experience and confidence to any project. Call us today!


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