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To our friends, associates, and distinguished guests:

The past six months have been good to us, very good. We have experienced successes that we never imagined possible, and we’re stoked. We took risks, and things paid off.

Right around holidays the economy was getting bad, CNN and Fox News ran around like chickens with their heads cut off warning of “The worst economic crisis since the great depression”. The media frenzy spread to general conversation of daily life, it got to the point where you couldn’t talk to any business contact without hearing some mention of, “the way the economy is right now, blah, blah, blah”. The sky was falling, the sky was falling, and for those who didn’t know any better, it did fall, on your head, and you got screwed, slaughtered.

If you got screwed in real estate, I’m sorry, I really am. Lots of people ended up getting screwed in real estate. In a MAJOR nutshell, people got greedy, took out loans they shouldn’t have and went into unwise and uneducated debts. Value is subjective in the world of real estate and the values went down. What can we learn from this? Debt is stupid. If something seems too good to be true then it is, tattoo that on your forehead so you see it every time you look in the mirror.

I have lived my life thus far by an age old rule to not go into debt for anything other than your home, your education, and maybe maybe maybe your car. But I’m going to take it a step further and say go into debt for NOTHING, NOTHING, NOTHING, and here’s how:

-Home: Who said you have to BUY a house? Rent. Rent cheap. I’m not saying anymore about that.
-Education: Take semesters off and go be a security salesman over the summer to pay for the coming year. What, are you excited to graduate with 150 grand of debt after you get out of med school? Are you stoked to pay that off slowly and painfully for the subsequent 10 years as you’re trying to start a family and feed their faces?
-Car: Are you kidding me? Get a Geo Metro. I just looked on Ebay and found a Geo Metro for $511.01, that’s with 8 bids and roughly 3 days left on the auction. So for like $500, you can straight up BUY a ride, this ride will get you to work, groceries, and dates. Then if you get kicked out of your house you’ll have something more safe than a tent to sleep in. Here you go:

Moving on, what else bad happened during the last six months economically: Lot’s of people lost their jobs, then whined like little babies and blamed their employers. If you want “Job security” then you’re lazy. There’s no such thing as “Job security” as we just learned, if you’re leeching off a big corporation, you’ll be burned from the body. If you can be replaced, then you will be replaced. If your job can be done by a machine then you should have been fired a long time ago. If you got laid off then stop feeling sorry for yourself. Don’t get your feelings hurt, get smart, get good, evolve, get ahead of the pack.

So on the other hand, graphic design has been good in the past 6 months, really good. We expected to take a hit, but we didn’t. In fact, we excelled. We focused on keeping our existing clients and making them happy, then we swooped in and rounded up some great new clients who we love. We came with competitive low hourly prices and got contracts with visionary people. THE REASON we became a success during the “bad economy” was because we provided something people needed, and we were willing to do the work. You’ll never hear us complain about pay because we don’t care about money, all we care about is giving our clients world class, rockstar level graphic design. We care about making their brands exceptional and timeless. We want their businesses to do well and we want them to grow stinking rich. That’s all we think about day and night.

Here’s what you do during a bad economy:

1. Stay nimble.

2. Be a guerilla.

3. Focus on value, and give people something they need.

4. Be open to new opportunities.

5. Learn, learn, learn, expand your skill set.

6. Don’t be a sucker, get out and stay out of debt.

6. If the ship sucks, jump ship.

7. Hard work + belief = kick butt.

8. Stay the course.

But It’s not over. We’ve got half a year to go. During this second half we’re going to consistently knock them out of the park. We’re going to wake up each morning and send it. Our designs will be so good they will make you cry tears of joy. This coming new years eve we’ll be kissing our sweethearts at midnight with a feeling of satisfaction deep down inside, knowing that we have accomplished these noble goals:

-Maintain our curent clients, and make them rich.

-Actively pursue new clients.

-Actively pursue more designers to work with us on those new clients.

-Fashion work, because we love fashion.

-Web development, because the web is fun.

-Our own products and brands, (we have secret stuff in the works).

-Have fun doing it.

To those of you loyal readers and supporters of the crowbar nation, thanks for following us on twitter, leaving us comments here on our blog, writing us emails, and all your general support. We expect to post on here more frequently and give you the best stuff we can :-)

We cannot and will not be stopped.

Zack Bartlett

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