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Luxor Price was an Illustrator. I once found a very old book he did hidden away at a library. It was an illustrated world atlas, it was eerily creepy, and I loved it.┬áIt’s been hard to find any information about Luxor Price’s life or any more of his work, so if anyone has anything to share, I’d love to see or hear it. I thought people should see this stuff, or maybe put it on t-shirts.

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  1. P Allatson

    Thanks for posting these images. Luxor Price (such a colonial-era inflected name! and from what I can make out, not a pseudonym) was a well known US illustrator of children’s books in the 1920s. I have his amazing book, The Quoks, thanks to my mother, a gift to her from one of her aunts in 1938. More of his illustrations are to be found in: The Magic Clock; The Magic Map (am pretty sure your map illustrations come from that one); The Magic Universe; the Animal Map of the World. The author of all those books was Mary Graham Bonner. All of these titles are now hard to get, and when available can be very expensive (especially The Quoks) and few libraries have copies.

    Cheers, Paul

  2. admin

    Hey Paul, Thanks for the info my friend! I’m going to search for all those books. Seriously thanks man!


  3. P Allatson

    No worries Z! Another book by Bonner that features his drawings is Magic Journeys. Apparently he also was responsible for a couple of illustrated panels: The All Mother Goose Panorama, and another about US history. They are impossible to find, even on the internet, so have no idea about the design qualities in those! If you can track those down and upload images that would be wonderful.

    Anyway, luck with the search!

    Oh, this is shaping up like a great blog; hope it expands!

    Best from Sydney, Paul

  4. E Horan

    Amazing. The 20s and 30s are a “golden age” of children’s books and the shape of the orientalisms in these fantastic illustrations is such that, well, these have to be seen, to be believed.

  5. tomwor

    I have an original print of The All Mother Goose Panorama. Where can I find out more inforation about it? Does anyone know what it’s worth. I might sell it.

  6. tomwor

    The All Mother Goose Panorama is fascinating and wonderful. Large print somthing like 4’x1.5′ I think in orginal frame. You can study it for hours and not notice all the details & designs

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