Our top 9 Must Read Book list

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We’ve compiled our favorite books; essential for design-oriented, creative business and superhuman success. In our opinion, these are the most influential and powerful books we know, some of which inspired us to start Crowbar Studios in the first place, and others which have guided our visual process over the years. Yes, they are all over… Read more »

Why rockstar graphic design means good business, and how to get rich during a “bad economy”

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To our friends, associates, and distinguished guests: The past six months have been good to us, very good. We have experienced successes that we never imagined possible, and we’re stoked. We took risks, and things paid off. Right around holidays the economy was getting bad, CNN and Fox News ran around like chickens with their… Read more »

The creepy Illustrations of Luxor Price

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Luxor Price was an Illustrator. I once found a very old book he did hidden away at a library. It was an illustrated world atlas, it was eerily creepy, and I loved it. It’s been hard to find any information about Luxor Price’s life or any more of his work, so if anyone has anything to… Read more »

8 ways to work more effectively, and Frank Lloyd Wright’s ultimate work center

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Everybody is crazy about outsourcing and working remote. Luckily for many freelance graphic designers, you have the luxury of your work already being remote, and you work from home, Starbucks, or wherever. Others work in 9 to 5 design studio environments, or corporate in-house design environments. And many of you reading this aren’t designers, and perhaps… Read more »

Providing Value in Graphic Design

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If you’re a maid, your soul purpose is to provide your clients with a clean house. If you work at Mcdonnalds then you have to get burgers assembled, quick. If you’re a designer, then you have to provide your clients with custom creations that help their businesses do better. It’s business. If your portfolio is… Read more »

Design Icon: Raymond Loewy

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Massimo Vignelli once said, “A good designer must be able to design anything from a spoon to a city.” This means that the principles of good design are universal, and that these same principles must be applied to everything from logos to websites, to packaging, to planets. Raymond Loewy is perhaps the most influential designer of… Read more »

Conformity vs. Revolution

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Warning: this is a very long blog post, but it’s worth reading:) I wrote this originally as my Bachelor of Fine Arts thesis paper when I was at BYU, but the subject matter is timeless, and I think it will be useful to everyone, not just other artists and designers. Conformity vs. Revolution is a… Read more »

SIA Trade Show, Las Vegas.

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After San Diego, we flew up to Utah then down to Vegas for the whole following week. We went with the Demon crew. I hadn’t been to Vegas for exactly one year since SIA last year. Wednesday night, Skullcandy flew Snoop Dogg in to town for a special concert/party at the Palms. We had a… Read more »